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The Story

This year, like many others before, has been a struggle at the Darwell & District Agricultural Society’s Skating Rink. The Skating Rink has been around for 50+ years and it’s had its ups and downs. Sadly, the rink is starting to show its age with the boards in disrepair, the street lights working some days and not others, and the seating area is now non-existent.


The skating rink (Ag Society) is run 100% by volunteers and those volunteers spend hours getting the rink ready to make the ice, then make the ice and also maintain the ice. This rink is important to the community, as it’s a gathering place for families and youth in the area. This year, and especially since covid, people have recognized the importance of things they can do with each other that are closer to home and more affordable. Gone are the days of running to the nearest city to find entertainment.


This year, we saw youths and families coming from neighbouring communities as well to utilize the facilities as it is free to skate, and our volunteers had the ice done in record time. How nice was it to see an afternoon game of shinny being played on one end and young first-timers on the other learning to take their first steps on the ice. This facility brought the community out and it was great to see. We do struggle, however, with some of the upkeep the rink requires. The plywood boards on the rink are overdue to be replaced and are starting to show their age, especially close to the ground where it is important to be strong and sturdy (to keep the water in). The lights need an upgrade to new LEDs as they are the old style and only two (of 4) work properly, one works when it wants to and the other doesn’t work at all, so they would need some rewiring. We are also interested in putting puck board up as well to really make this an outdoor rink, and in turn, protect the boards from premature ageing.


This project is sustainable as the upgrades needed are from age, not neglect and our Ag Society has dedicated volunteers whose goals are to provide a safe and affordable place for youth and families to meet and have fun. If youth have a free, safe place to go, they are less likely to get into trouble.

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