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The main objective is to purchase and install safe, inclusive playground equipment to promote enhanced physical, cognitive and social development for all students and children of the community.

As parents of students attending Onoway Elementary School, we feel strongly that every child has a right to be able to have safe, inclusive physical activity while at school. With the onset of COVID-19, our students are being encouraged to play outdoors as much as possible as this is the safest recreation option. At this time, the decade-old play structure designated for grades 1-3 is not accessible to all students. The lack of ramps and the gravel separating the tarmac from the play structure makes it inaccessible to students with physical limitations. We are asking that you join us in making our playground a safe place for children of all abilities to play! OES PLAYGROUND ENHANCEMENT PROJECT is a fundraising initiative to replace our smaller, south-side playground with a safer, more inclusive structure.

We have selected a playground that will allow all children to access the structure and be able to play with their classmates during recess. The new playground (see drawing included) is estimated to cost $128,000 which includes the removal of old structures and the installation of new equipment. Playgrounds are not included as part of the provincial education budget, so the responsibility to raise funds falls to the families of students and the communities that surround the school.

This playground has been carefully selected to offer access to children of all abilities from our school and our local community.  There is no playground within the Onoway area that has an inclusive design to support limited mobility children to play. This project will be essential to those families who seek to give their children the same opportunities to play no matter their abilities and or limitations. Families within the Onoway neighborhood and surrounding Lac Ste ANNE County will benefit directly from this project. The children from the Elementary school, playschool and local daycares all use this playground to enhance the daily activities of the local kids. 



Supply Delivery & Installation: $89,339.25

Surfacing: Minimum $38,477.25

Removal of Old Equipment: $1500 (NGPS maintenance will be done at no charge)

Minimum Total: $127,817.50

Phase One

Raise funds through grants, donations, sponsorship and fundraising for the budget of this project. Choose a playground company and design a playground structure to be approved by the school administration and school division.

Phase Two

Once sufficient funds are raised, removal of the old structure and surfacing can commence. Playground company and school maintenance can work together to remove old equipment. Any other preparation for installation or excavation needed prior to installation will happen following removal of old equipment {location of any underground services will be properly marked}. Phase two will tentatively begin in the summer of 2023.


Phase Three

Installation of the new structure and surfacing can begin.


Phase Four

Acknowledgement for all companies and persons that contributed funds through an onsite plaque, local newspaper advertisement, school newsletter, school electronic signage and on school social media pages. Thank you cards from a group of students will be sent to specified donors.



Proposed Infrastructure Area: Playground Replaced

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