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The Cherhill Community Association provides facilities and activities for all members of our community and the surrounding area. We plan to upgrade our recreational grounds to provide optimum enjoyment, safety and accessibility to people of all ages. Cherhill is located in the heart of Lac Ste. Anne County. This project has the potential to serve the needs of four surrounding hamlets, two lake developments and on First Nation Reserve.

Project Name:

Cherhill Community Association Sportsgrounds Enhancement Project

The Cherhill Sportsgrounds operates from April 15 to October 15. It consists of two fenced ball diamonds, one concession booth and four outhouses. It also provides RV parking and a grass area and sandbox for younger children. The booth is in need of major repair. It was purchased from CN and moved to its current location. It needs repairs to the foundation to stabilize it as well as new siding and shingles or ton on the roof. We hope to purchase siding which would maintain the integrity of a historical CN building. This would make it more serviceable and give it greater curb appeal. The inside requires a new venting fan as well as new wall coverings making it easier to keep clean and sanitary. New shelving to display products would be installed and the serving window and main door need to be replaced. A new deck was installed five years ago but it needs a roof to protect it and it must be made wheelchair accessible. The four outhouses, which were built of plywood, should be replaced with new poly ones for ease of cleaning. A wheelchair-accessible handican would be included in the four purchased. Our community strives to provide public amenities by establishing and maintaining a public park, green space, sports field and playground. 

In conclusion, the residents of Cherhill and surrounding areas would be able to access facilities for social, recreational, family and nondenominational groups of all ages and walks of life. 

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