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Alberta Beach Ball Association

The Village of Alberta Beach is a diverse community, we have 3 summer villages that connect to each other, and Alberta Beach is the hub for some of these village’s amenities. With the collaborative partnership’s, relationships, and vested stakeholders the community enhances the quality of life for all members of the community. Having a strong community is important for a source of social connection and a sense of belonging. Having a safe, cohesive, confident, and prosperous happy place for all community members.

The ball diamonds being one of them. The diamonds are used by the Alberta Beach community league for minor ball programing. Which sees communities come for ball games with the youth programing from all over the county including Anselmo, Wabamun, and Barrhead. ABADASA which is the adult league on this side of the county. They use the diamonds for practicing, and they host tournaments at times on the diamonds. As well Beachwave Park has the diamonds used for their programing. Beachwave Park is run by the local Agricultural Society. It is one of the jems of our community, it is a program within a shack building located just off from the diamonds where the kids in the community can borrow equipment and use all the available sports amenities like the diamonds, basketball court, volleyball net, and the rink during both summer and winter all free of cost.

Alberta Beach Community League is working with these groups and the village to make sure these amenities are there and usable for all within the community and surrounding to use. In 2021 ABADASA, The Village of Alberta Beach, and Lac Ste Anne County partnered together and spent $30,000.00 for new outfield fencing on both diamonds. This project would compliment that and create the best and safe diamonds for community use which includes minor ball and adult ball, as well county use. The passion for softball is high out in rural Lac Ste Anne and it is the best program for a transnational sports program after winter sports in our local communities. Softball is a sport that can be used through a child’s life into adulthood. It gets the youth outside and learning a different sport. It gets parents involved as helpers as it is a completely volunteer based program. The program is run under Softball Alberta through the County of Lac Ste Anne, and Alberta Beach services youth from U7 to U19.

For a personal reference with this story, I played ball as a young girl. It was not a passion at first for me, but as I played, I found my passion. It gave me and my dad one on one time together, which with my family dynamics and having a sibling with severe disabilities was a huge part in my life growing up. It allowed me to love a sport, and now I coach my own children and support my community by being the representative for the Alberta Beach Community League with our minor ball league.

With the world going through Covid-19 we lost ball for 2 years. Over those 2 years the frost and winter months were not kind to our diamonds. The frost has heaved out the cement pilings for the fences on the main parts of the diamonds. They are a safety concern now but will become unsafe if left and not fixed. The back stop and side fence lines of the diamonds are a key piece of equipment for the game. If they continue to wear as they, are it could see the diamonds not being safe to use and losing a program in our community. The $25,000 would be used for the repair of the fencing. If not the complete fix of the fences the large financial portion of the costs.

The continued upkeep for this project to be sustainable would be with the collaboration of the community groups, partnerships with the village of Alberta Beach and County of Lac Ste Anne, and stakeholders. As has been done in the past to keep our local jems and amenities in our community viable for years to come.

As Helen Keller said “Alone, we can do so little; together we can do so much”