The Full Story


I am nominating the Onoway Ball Association for the Community Enhancement Grant. The OBA is the minor ball association for Onoway and surrounding area. All our players attend Onoway Playschool, Onoway Elementary School, or Onoway Jr/Sr High School.

Due to covid, the last two seasons did not happen. Community members were not permitted to enter the Swede Moren Ballpark as it is owned by Northern Gateway School Division, Leaving the park to be neglected and unmaintained for 2 years. when finally permitted entry to the park the two Ball association in Onoway, Minor Ball and adult slow pitch, found the park in ruin. Players benches, the Bleachers, and picnic tables had rotted. The fields are overrun with gophers leaving numerous holes across the property. In May of 2022, three weeks into the ball season, two of the washrooms were burnt down in an act of vandalism. The service road that runs along south side of the fields was washed out in places. Fences are collapsing and in all, the property is not accessible to anyone with mobility issues.

Short term OBA is wanting to bring the park up to safety standards also providing barrier free access to all diamonds. Long term the Onoway Ball Association would like to have small facility with a commercial kitchen, Washrooms, and a covered picnic area.

Please accept my nomination of Onoway Ball Association for the $25,000.00 Grant, so we can make the necessary improvements needed at the Swede Moren Ball Park. The property was donated by  Moren with dreams of being a safe recreation space and OBA is passionate about restoring the park to its original glory for everyone to enjoy.