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The Rich Valley Elementary school is a small rural facility in Lac Ste. Anne County. We house 120 kids from 70 families in the area. Built in 1965 the facility has been a landmark in the community and through the years has ben everything from Kindergarten to grade 12. As everything the facility has aged and been repaired and renovated over the years to meet the current needs.

Most recently the RVS parents fundraised through the RVS Enhancement Society to install a new climbing structure and slide. This structure replaced equipment that had been removed years prior due to deteriorated state; unfortunately due to Covid restrictions, the project cost twenty thousand dollars more than projected and ended the additional playground development projects. The two items that are next on the long list of recreation wants and development projects for the Rich Valley School and community are the basketball courts replacement and the scoreboard for the indoor gym. 

Basketball Courts 
Our current outdoor basketball structure, nets, poles, and backboards (we have 4) are bent and coming apart. They were "grandfathered" in to be allowed even though they were not CSA approved. Now they they are in disrepair, we are unable to fix them up as they aren't CSA certified and cannot be used beyond their lifetime. We have gotten a quote from Sportfactor for new poles and backboards for $2450 each (+GST) which includes freight but not installation. The courts are used a lot by our students throughout the school day but they are also used a great deal in the evenings and on the weekends by members of the community. This project replaces the current 4 poles and nets the school is currently going to lose due to the debilitated sate. The cost projected for this project is $10,300 for materials plus installation estimated at $5000. 

We are also looking to purchase and install a scoreboard in our new gym as it was not a part of the construction package. Our students play in competitive leagues with other schools in our School Division and the use of a proper score clock would greatly enhance their experience. We also have the gym available for rentals to community groups and for youth sports that would benefit from having an actual score clock in the gym and not having to rely on a flip board. We have received a quote from Sportfactor for a new scoreboard and wireless receiver which came to $10725 (+GST) which includes freight but not installation. Install is undetermined at this time. 

These two items would make a huge impact to our growing community as the school outdoor structures are the ONLY ones open to the public in our community. Our school may be small, but the spirit is HUGE! These kids have recently been named the Rich Valley Rhinos and developed a new school and community spirit. Thank you for considering our school and community for the SCEF Community Competition.