The Full Story


The Foundry represents the power of community, commitment and care.
The Foundry building represents rejuvenation and transformation. This
project is more than a dream of a growing group of local residents. It is a
flagship of hope for generations to come.

The unique aspect of The Foundry Youth, Family and Community centre is
one that aims to create a safe space where people of all ages and
backgrounds can be together. We are passionate about connection,
positive thinking and authentic relationships. Our organization is
comprised of many caring individuals coming together and taking
consistent steps to promote personal development through community
enhancement programs, projects, events and educational learning. We are
impassioned for this proposal because we wish to see our goal of a
connected and caring community come to fruition. As you can see in the
video attached, many many community members have already given their
sweat equity into a building that was destined to be demolished. Through
the time of renovations, The Foundry members heard stories of hope,
passion and restoration. We have seen teams, groups and individuals
come together to work through the dust and dirt, the ripping apart of walls
and tearing apart floors. This collaboration is all to bring an aging and
decrepit building come back to life. More importantly, this process has
brought healing and new friendships to numerous community members.
Never has connection been more vital than now! The vision all started with
one man’s hope and dream.

Our organization has seen and will continue to see youth eagerly wanting
to be involved in fun, educational and positive programs who yearn to
continue to learn through hands on projects. McKennan H, Shauny C, Ora
C and Harlyn H were only a few of the young volunteers take to the streets
of Onoway to hand out freshly baked cookies for random acts of kindness.
We have shared The Foundry vision with high school students while high
schoolers -Colston H and Kaylie S handed out freezies and encouraged
others to engage in an onsite photo booth. It sees community members
young and old take part in free meals provided by The Foundry (organized
by volunteers Graham H and Lisa H.) We envisioned, planned and
watched come to life, a street party complete with live music, food and
free family fun, all thanks to a dedicated group with a passion for
community. The On Our Way Fest was a huge success, with numerous
volunteer hours dedicated to making the event unique, thereby attracting a
wide variety of people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds. Unparalleled
dedication and passion went into preparing for this day, but these visions
are only the tip of the iceberg. There are many more important plans for
events for the people of Onoway and surrounding area. It is vital for us to
see this building finished so The Foundry can focus even more time on
community outreach, educational opportunities and connections in an
effort to reach out to community members and ultimately rebuild
relationships and foster unity in Onoway and surrounding areas. This
organization is important because it is actively building memories and also
building webs of support through out our community.
We have spent the past three years in isolation, fear and division. We
strongly need connections with one another!

The community members and those in the surrounding area would benefit
from the $25,000.00 by using the funds to help complete our building and
open our doors, at long last. One completed, our building will host further
educational programs and community events. Activities such as open mic
night, kid and youth pop up market, cooking classes or a heritage skills
class, are already in the works. Our goal to have students, youth groups
and community organizations involved in daily programs and activities,
while organizing and coordinating programs with other groups within Lac
Ste. Anne and Onoway area. The Foundry building is also in need of the
final construction materials such as a boiler system ($10,000.00), roof top
carriers ($25,000.00), electrical services ($15,000.00), drywall and install
($5000.00) and finishing supplies. To date: 95% of the work put into this
project has been by our amazing volunteers!

The Foundry will continue to be sustainable for various reasons.
First, the building owner has been a resident of Onoway since
childhood. He is extremely passionate about this project that was started
more than 4 years ago and is determined to continue working toward his
vision of helping the community come together for the betterment of all.
Second, the building is bought and paid for. It is not owned by the
bank or any other lending source, so that we are always able to open our
doors to those who need us.

Third, we are a registered non profit organization with board
members that are working tirelessly to see the vision of The Foundry carry

Most importantly, we need this building to be finished to continue to
provide for our youth of this community and surrounding area. We need
programs and events put on for families new to our community and
families that have been here for generations to create a lifetime of learning
and connection.

It is priceless having the older generation, such as community member
Bernie L teaching the young and the young, such as Carter S, teaching the
old. Imagine the value of connecting elders from Indigenous communities
with the youth of the area. Consider the benefits of supporting caring kids
and tomorrow’s leaders, within walking distance to the Town Office and
seniors centres. These opportunities are here and many more are waiting
for us to bring them to life and create an even stronger community. Making
memories to last a lifetime and relationships that continue to carry us
through the generations. The Foundry is stoking fires of friendships and

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