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To start a new application for gas service, you will need a copy of your land title.

This is needed to start all the necessary documents for the application.



Infill cost increase effective May 1, 2023

RURAL CONTRACTS - $7500.00 + $1.00 Co-op Membership + $375.00 GST + $200.00 Surety Deposit = $8076.00

URBAN CONTRACTS - $4500.00 + $1.00 Co-op Membership + $225.00 GST + $200.00 Surety Deposit = $4926.00

SANG Co-op is pleased to offer new members low-interest financing.



Surety deposits are returned to you after one year of good credit with SANG or when the property sells.


The contract fee covers the installation of the main distribution line, primary regulator, and a standard gas meter.


Secondary service costs are not included in the contract fee.

Services installed after frost sets in will be subject to winter construction surcharges (associated with frost/snow conditions plus the regular infill rates). A cost estimate will be provided to and signed by the member before work commences.


**Prices are subject to change without notice. A Utility Right of Way (URW) may be required. **


For more information, please contact the office 780-967-2246  or email

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