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Rules & Regulations

All Gas Co-ops in the province of Alberta must comply with legislation as set forth by the province. They include but are not limited to; the Rural Utilities Act, Gas Distribution Act, and the Gas Utilities Act. These Acts form the basis for the following rules and regulations that govern SANG Co-op.

Ste. Anne Natural Gas Co-op Ltd. herein referred to as SANG or the Co-op, is governed by an elected Board of Directors. Any Member in good standing may be nominated to run as a Director. Elections are held at the Annual General Meeting which is held in August of each year.


1."Member's Property" or "Property" 

The property or location specified in the Members Contract at which gas is required.


2. Limitations of Use 

Members shall not use or permit the use of the gas supplies in any place other than specified in the contract without the consent of the



3. Natural Gas 

Delivered to the Member and suitable for domestic use. Unless agreed to by the Co-op, the consumption rate shall not exceed 1-Gigajoule per hour, at a pressure not greater than 1.74kPa or .25lb at the outlet of the meter. Consumption and pressure requirements exceeding the above are chargeable to the Member.


4. Contract 

The Service Contract is an application for service, only. At such time it is accepted and approved by the Board, it then becomes a binding contract. The contract is not assignable by the Member. No agent, representative or employee of the Co-op is authorized to make any obligation, agreement or changes to the contract and any such promise, agreement or representation not so incorporated shall not be binding on the Co-op.


5. Measurement 

All measurement devices and methodology used to measure and calculate gas consumed by the Member shall meet Measurement Canada approval.


6. Maintenance of Meters and Regulators 

The Co-op shall be responsible for maintaining its equipment located at the Members property up to the outlet of the meter. The Member shall be responsible for everything after the outlet of the meter. The Member will be held liable for any willful or accidental damage to the

Co-op's equipment, caused by, but not limited to; fire, snow load, equipment or by any third party.


7. Access to Property 

The Co-op shall have free, unencumbered access to the property at all reasonable times, without notice, to perform work including, but not limited to; line locating, meter reading, testing, repair/remove meters or regulators and to inspect the use made of gas by the Member. In the event of an emergency including, but not limited to; a line rupture or fire, the Co-op reserves the right to access at any time without notice.


8. Billing 

The Consumer shall pay accounts by the due date as shown on the bill. Overdue accounts will be subject to interest on unpaid balances. Accounts that have an amount overdue 60 days and collection proceedings have started will be charged with a registered letter and tag fee.


9. Estimated Readings

The Co-op shall have the right, in the event of the inability for any cause to read meters, to estimate the consumption and to render bills based upon such estimated consumption.


10. Gas Bills 

Payable online, or at the Co-op office and most financial intuition. 


11. Moving Meters

The Co-op may make a reasonable charge for moving meters from one location to another on the property described in the contract at the request of the Member.


12. Cutting Off of Supply 

The Co-op reserves the right to discontinue the supply of gas and/or remove its equipment from the Member's property for any reason, including but not limited to the following:


  • a. Regular or emergency repairs at any point on its system.

  • b. Failure; temporary or permanent, of the available supply of gas.

  • c. For non-payment of any indebtedness when due or for failure on the part of the Member to pay any guaranteed deposit or increase thereof on demand.

  • d. The use of non-certified or defective material, appliances or the use of gas in such a manner as in the Co-op's opinion is likely to lead to a dangerous situation.

  • e. Failure to comply with the terms of these rules and regulations or any individual contract made with the Co-op.

  • f. Tampering with the meter, regulator or any part of the Co-op's system for personal or material gain.

  • g. The inability of the Co-op to gain access to the property (see #7) for a period of two consecutive months after written notification provided by the Co-op.

  • h. Termination of this contract by the Member or the Co-op.

  • i. Failure to make proper application for gas service.


13. Failure of Supply

The Co-op is not liable for any losses or damage suffered by the Member due to the interruption/failure of supply from causes beyond the reasonable control of the Co-op, including but not limited to; Acts of God, enemies of Canada, strikes, riots, or shortage of supply. Also, any loss or damage suffered by Members due to discontinuing supply as outlined in Item #12 above.


14. Delivery Point

The outlet of the meter shall be deemed the delivery point for all gas to the Member. All expense, risk and liability arising out of or in connection with the utilization of the gas after the delivery point shall be assumed and borne exclusively by the Member.


15 Rural Utilities Act 

The provision of the Rural Utilities Act as amended from time to time are declared to be incorporated in and to form part of these rules and regulations. In the event of contradiction, inconsistency or ambiguity the provision of the said statute shall prevail.


16. Meter Disputes: 

If a Member wishes to dispute their meter this process is governed by the "Electricity and Gas Inspection Act" Section 23 and the "Electricity and Gas Inspection Regulation" part VI. Written notification of the dispute and a deposit (as approved by the Board) must be provided to the Co-op prior to the test taking place. The Co-op MUST follow the guidelines and provide a copy of them to the Member. If the dispute is in favour of the Member they shall receive their deposit back in full and their account shall be credited as instructed by Measurement Canada. If the dispute is found in favour of the Co-op the deposit is forfeited and the account balance shall be paid in full.


17. Pipeline & Above Ground Plant on Consumer's Property

  • a.The owner and/or renter of the property, on which Co-op pipelines and/or equipment is situated, shall grant the Co-op the right to enter the lands referred to in the Customer Contract and/or Utility Right of Way for the purposes of locating, installing, repairing, replacing, maintaining and inspecting all pipe and/or above ground plant on said lands.

  • b.The Co-op endeavours, where possible and practical, to notify and obtain permission prior to any work commencing. The Member/owner agrees that said permission will not be unreasonably withheld.

  • c.The installation of new or replacement pipelines will be at the discretion of the Co-op. When frost or other reasons beyond the control of the Co-op make it imprudent to construct the pipeline herein applied for, the acceptance of this Natural Gas Customer Contract may be deferred or withheld by the Co-op at its option.


18. Fixed Charge 

The Co-op charges a monthly fixed fee to all Members whether burning gas or not, irrespective of whether or not a gas meter has been installed. The fixed fee is approved by the Board and may change without notice.


19. Restoring of Service:

 In the event of a gas service interruption, the Co-op will relight appliances if required at no charge, providing access is available. The Co-op keeps keys on file to gain access in an emergency, with Members permission only. Members should advise the Co-op how access may be gained and provide contact information in the event of an emergency.


20. Natural Gas Service to Renters: 

SANG will no longer accept renters effective May 1, 2015. Existing renter agreements will be grandfathered until renters move out, at which time new agreements will not be set up.

21. Reconnect Charge 

If the Co-op for reasons of nonpayment or abuse discontinues service, the Member/consumer shall pay the Co-op a reconnect fee to reinstate service. Until such sums, together with any other indebtedness of the Consumer to the Co-op are paid in full, the Co-op may at its discretion, refuse to reconnect the service. In the event it becomes necessary for a serviceman to be dispatched for the purpose of disconnecting service for reason of nonpayment or abuse, a lock-off fee will be charged whether or not the lock-off is completed.


22. Security Deposit

 A Deposit must be paid on a new member's account. This deposit is applied to the Owner's account after one year providing their account is in good standing. Interest is paid on these accounts as per the Landlord and Tenants Act.


23. Service Installation 

Installation charge includes all costs for labour, approvals, documentation, and materials up to and including the outlet of the meter. Costs incurred after the meter are the responsibility of the Member. Meters cannot be installed until the Co-op is in receipt of a natural gas permit and a pressure test is verified.


24. Emergency Reporting

In the event of; line breaks, natural gas odours or carbon monoxide alarms, leave the premises and call our office

(1-800-290-5491, 780-967-2246 24hrs/day). The Consumer shall use all due care and attention to prevent damage that may cause injury or property damage. Under no circumstance should Members/consumers attempt to find or repair a gas leak of any type.


25. Equalization Billing 

To assist Co-op Members in budgeting an equalization billing plan is available starting June 1st of each year. Using this plan a Member would pay an equal amount each month, accruing a credit balance on their account during summer months, which would be used to pay for increased consumption during winter. Please contact our office if you wish to take advantage of this plan.


26. High Volume Customers

Members who expect to use more than 1.055 gigajoules per hour (1 million BTU/hour) shall report to the Co-op. This requires a minimum of 180 days prior to the requirement. Installations for high volume service shall be charged an additional installation fee.


27. Gratuities

Employees of the Co-op are expressly forbidden to accept or solicit gratuities.


28. Fees/Rates 

All fee's rates and policies are reviewed and approved by the SANG Board of Directors. They are subject to change without notice and shall become binding on the Member/consumer.

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