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The MAD House Daycare
Onoway, AB

The MAD House Daycare is a not-for-profit licensed daycare, which opened its door to Onoway and surrounding communities in October of 2021. Founded by Jody Smears, and Krystal Creed, the vision to create quality and safe childcare in the area that was accessible to all local families was a need that had yet to be filled.


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Darwell Agricultural Society
Darwell, AB

This year, like many others before, has been a struggle at the Darwell & District Agricultural
Society’s Skating Rink. The Skating Rink has been around for 50+ years and it’s had its ups
and downs. Sadly, the rink is starting to show its age with the boards in disrepair, the street
lights working some days and not others, and the seating area is now non-existent.



Cherhill Community Association
Cherhill, AB

The Cherhill Comunity Association provides facilities and activities for all members of our community and the surrounding area. We plan to upgrade our recreational grounds to provide optimum enjoyment, safety and accessibility to people of all ages. Cherhill is located in the heart of Lac Ste. Anne County. This project has the potential of serving the needs of four surrounding hamlets, two lake developments and on First Nation Reserve.


Onoway Parents.png

Onoway Parents Educational Fundraising Association
Onoway, AB

The main objective is to purchase and install safe, inclusive playground equipment to promote enhanced physical, cognitive and social development for all students and children of the community.

As parents of students attending Onoway Elementary School, we feel strongly that every child has a right to be able to have safe, inclusive physical activity while at school.


Rich Valley.jpg

Rich Valley School Enhancement Society
Rich Valley, AB

Rich Valley Elementary is a charming rural school located in Lac Ste Anne County near the hamlet of Rich Valley.  Our school is home to roughly 125 students from 75 families in the area. While we are a small school we have BIG spirit, last year the school branded themselves as the Rich Valley Rhinos and every Thursday children proudly sport their school mascot on clothing item.  The school was built in 1954 and has been a pillar for the community. 


What would you like to see in your community?

Vote for your favourite project idea from those above. You must reside in Lac Ste. Anne and immediate surrounding areas to vote. You may only vote once. 

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