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Director Nominations

What does the Board of Directors do?

The Board of Directors is responsible for the fiduciary duties of the co-op. This entails making wise financial choices, ensuring the co-op is meeting its goals and requirements, and preparing the co-op for future success.

Why become a Director?

There are many great reasons to join our Board:

1. Make a difference in your community

2. Grow your skills

3. Add to your resume

Who can be a Director?

To run for the board, there are a few requirements:

1. Must be a member in good standing

2. Be over 18 years of age

3. Not have been declared incapable under the laws of a Canadian province or territory, or by a court in a jurisdiction outside Canada

4. Not currently in bankrupt status


Download the Director Nomination form here

Nomination forms must be dropped off by 4:00 pm June 14th to be considered
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