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The Government of Alberta Utility Commodity Rebate Program


MARCH 2023

The Alberta Utilities Commission posted their regulated rate submissions from Apex Utilities and Direct Energy Regulated Services.

As neither rate was above the Province’s Rebate Price of $6.50/GJ, there will be no rebate in March 2023.

“To help Albertans manage higher winter heating costs due to volatile natural gas prices, the Government of Alberta is running an energy rebate program from October 2022 to March 2023 to shield consumers from price spikes.”

How it works


  • The “GOA Utility Commodity Rebate” will be triggered if one of Alberta's three “regulated” utility providers; (ATCO North, ATCO South, APEX Utilities) wholesale cost of gas is above $6.50/GJ in any month during the program.


  • Only the “wholesale cost of gas” is used to calculate the rebate. No other fees, riders or charges added are considered.


  • The rebate amount will be the difference between $6.50 and the “regulated” wholesale cost of gas rate used by the Province of Alberta for the program.


  • If more than one of the three regulated utilities is above the $6.50 threshold the program will use the higher rate.


  • Rebates will be applied automatically to your utility bill by SANG Co-op.  


  • SANG’s Co-ops cost of gas or other rates are not used to calculate the rebate.


  • Only accounts that consume less than 2,500 gigajoules of natural gas annually based off your billing history are eligible for the program. If you are over the 2,500 threshold, SANG Co-op will contact you with further information.


  • Rebates (if triggered) will appear on your bill starting in November of 2022 for gas consumed in October 2022 and will end in April 2023 for gas consumed in March 2023.



Financial assistance:

If you are experiencing financial difficulty, programs are available:


Seniors Special Needs Assistance Program: provides utility arrears coverage once every 3 years.


Direct to Tenant Rent Supplement Program: assists eligible applicants with rental costs.


Alberta Supports: provides an emergency-needs allowance and one-time utility assistance with disconnection notices.


Phishing scams:

The Government of Alberta or SANG Co-op will not send texts or emails about the rebate program and will not ask Albertans to submit information to receive rebates.

Be wary of any emails or texts related to the rebates that seem suspicious or ask for personal information.


If you require assistance or have questions, please contact SANG Co-op at:

780.967.2246 |1.800.290.5491

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