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Equalization Billing

Equalization is a fixed monthly amount for gas service billed out each month for 12 months.  Equalization is recommended for members who wish to budget their gas bills over one year.  The monthly equalization payment is determined by using a Member’s full year’s gigajoule history and dividing by 12 to obtain the average monthly cost.  As a result, we require that the member have at least one year billing history before applying for equalized billing.

Failure to make the required payments on time will result in the account reverting back to a regular billing basis in which case all monies owing would then become due.  If on auto withdrawal the full amount due will automatically be debited from the bank account on the 28th once removed from equalization. 

Prior to a member’s account being converted to an equalization account, the account must be paid in full by JUNE 5th. (When submitting payments please account for processing and mailing time.) This applies also to those members currently on equalized billing.    

For those accounts that have a credit balance on their May billing, the credit will be automatically applied to next year's equalization amount. 

1. The office is notified that the Member wants to return to regular billing.
2. The Member has a balance due on the May billing that has not been paid in full and received in our office by the June 5 due date.


Sign up for Equalization Billing

Please fill out the following form by June 5th to sign up for e-billing.

Thanks for submitting!

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